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Current Pre-Service Training
Curriculum & Links


Lesson 2:
Bleux Case


Lesson 2: Date TBA, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Facilitator:  Melanie Allen, Advocate Supervisor –



Lesson 2 Participant’s checklist

Glossary of Terms

Alphabet Soup

Bleux Family Case Notes

CLICK HERE for the Lesson 2 Foundational Course

CLICK HERE for the Bleux Case Video

Strengths and Weakness worksheet

Bleux Case sample case notes

Interview between Deshawn’s Grandmother and CASA volunteer:



Please complete all pre-work assignments prior to class.  Submitting assignments in advance is not required for this session, however, everyone is expected to participate in class discussion.



All materials are available for download or to be accessed online.

Interview with Deshawn's granmother
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