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Current Pre-Service Training
Curriculum & Links


Lesson 4:
Amarillo Case
Trauma Informed Pt. 2

Lesson 4: Date TBA, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

Facilitator:  Melanie Allen, Advocate Supervisor –



Lesson 4 Participant’s Guide

Glossary of Terms

Amarillo Family Case File

CLICK HERE for the Lesson 4 Foundational Course

Video: Saving Kids – Children of Addicts

“Saving kids – Children of Addicts” video reflections worksheet

Video: Why We Stayed

“Why We Stayed” video reflection worksheet

Video: The Invisibles

“The Invisibles” video reflections worksheet

Strengths and Weakness worksheet

Writing Effective Court Report Recommendations

Making Recommendations worksheet

Amarillo Case Sample Court Report


Trauma Informed Part 2

(Please view the videos in order)

Video 4: Moving from ACEs to Resilience

The 7 Cs of Resilience

NPR -  Wes Moore Outlines Policy Priority

Balitmore Sun - We can prevent the health consequences of childhood trauma

All materials are available for download or to be accessed online.

Please send pre-work assignments to by noon on the day of class. Please contact Melanie if you have any questions.

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